Black in Design at Harvard GSD

Amber N. Wiley was an invited lecturer on pedagogy at the first ever Black in Design conference at Harvard University. The introduction to her panel and lecture begins around the 14:05 mark.

This conference was organized to address social justice from the perspective of design, emphasizing the importance of compassion in the design ethos, and with the goal of recognizing the contributions of African descendants to the design field and, by so doing, to broaden the definition of the designer. A series of conversations including students, faculty, and invited guests considered design at the scale of the building, neighborhood, city, region, and globe.


The conference was organized by the Harvard GSD African American Student Union with support from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Loeb Fellowship at Harvard GSD, the Dean’s Diversity Initiative at Harvard GSD, and H-OAP.