Power Panel at Harvard GSD

Amber was invited to speak on a panel about Power at “A Convergence at the Confluence of Power, Identity and Design” symposium that was hosted by Women In Design at the Harvard GSD.

This Convergence marks the formation of a regional network of equity-focused design-centric student groups focused on re-imagining the intersection between identity and design. We hope that this event can be the start of a wide-spread dialogue about the importance of identity-based discourse in the practice and pedagogy of design of the built environment, as well as an opportunity to form a network of equity-focused design-student groups and merge these ongoing conversations in our disciplines. We hope to seize the opportunity to grow and merge the many individual conversations about gender and other identity-based discrimination happening in our disciplines and in our schools. The SAM list did not tell us anything we did not already know; however, it did spark broad conversation where there had been uneasy silence. The Convergence breaks that silence, and invites us to engage in a collective restructuring of the design disciplines and actively question the nature of design work as it intersects with gender and other personal identities. Panelists: Stephanie Lee (Spaceus; M.Arch Cand., MIT) Amber N. Wiley (Asst. Prof. of Art History, Rutgers) Chandra Rouse (GSD AASU; MUP Cand., GSD Meral Ekincioglu Fellow, MIT) Teresa Gali-Izard (Arquitectura Agronomia; Assoc. Prof. of LA, GSD) Bryony Roberts (Bryony Roberts Studio; Visiting Prof., GSAPP)