Free Indeed

Juneteenth Declarations of Freedom (JDoF) is an interdisciplinary project of musical group Divine Grace exploring the meanings and enactments of freedom in the 21st century through new music, storytelling and exposition, community conversations, and multimedia art. Touring three regions historically prominent in the nation’s articulations of freedom, JDoF invites communities to engage in redefining freedom and documenting their everyday enactments of freedom through reflection and collaborative song-writing.

Divine Grace is an a cappella Gospel trio consisting of members Dr. Camille P. Green, Dr. Eliada Wosu Griffin-El, and Dr. Kenyatha V. Loftis. It was founded on the Campus of Yale College in Fall 1998. Divine Grace remixes traditional hymns and contemporary gospel songs with jazz and classical music infusions to offer a bold declaration of faith, a call to community, a voice of comfort, and a resounding shout of victory. Its original songs present faith-centered messages of diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and love.

Amber N. Wiley created original artwork for the project entitled “Free Indeed” that incorporated archival sources and original sketches for multimedia artwork. The work was based on histories of Juneteenth, the Amistad saga, the theme of liberty, faith, and dance.